Little Znippets© of code that you can use to create your own scripts. 90% of that cool script you want to learn how to make is setting up all those variables, and the other 10% is code that actually *does* something with that data. I'm going to do the 90% here, in pieces, and then you can use these bits for yourself, isn't that cool? Have fun with it!

Your pal,   -doc-
Available pages, so far:
  • Zprime & Zbrowse: Just the basics. Default variables that all scripts will need, as well as information about the visitors computer monitor setup. How big is that screen?

  • Zobject: Dynamic creation and manipulation of DHTML object and DIVs.

  • [Download the Zbasics ZIP] (Updated Sun Sep 12 11:22:15 2004 PDT, 1.4K)
    The 3 most current versions of the above scripts, as a ZIP file.

  • Zimage: Creation of the "Zimages" array, upon which all of our image manipulation functions will be based.

  • ZscrollBar: The DHTML ZscrollBar! This is the first version of this, set up for a fixed location on the screen. This unit is not integrated into the "Znippets©" family of code yet, but I figure enough people could use this as-is, so here you go!
    [Download the ZscrollBar ZIP] (Updated Sun Sep 12 11:22:17 2004 PDT, 21K)

  • ZscrollBar2: The DHTML ZscrollBar! This is the fully "liquid" version of the scrollbar code, and is much easier to implement, with only one simple "Zsetup.js" file to modify. Unfortunately, fully "liquid" DIV based code like this doesn't work too well in older versions of Netscape, and neither does this one. So it goes.
    [Download the ZscrollBar2 ZIP] (Updated Sun Sep 12 11:22:16 2004 PDT, 25K)

  • The new look?: Well, I kind of like the way that last one works kind of well, so I'm giving this page a test, using the existing Znippets© code as well as some newer items to build a new look for this site. This is a "work in progress", so watch your step, cool?

  • Zparam: My first, rude attempt at grabbing variables. Screen variables and browser variables both, including scrolling. I expect to replace this script, the link is only here now for completeness.